Vutivi I Ndzhaka Fourth Career Day and Award Ceremony 2021

Vutivi I Ndzhaka (VIN), in partnership with De Beers’ Ambassadors for Good and Ritluka Resources
(Pty) Ltd, held a successful combined Career Day and Awards Ceremony on the 13th of March 2021
at Scotch Maboko Secondary School, Mulati Village. This document serves as a report to VIN’s
stakeholders regarding the combined Career Day and Award Ceremony, structured as follows:

Events activations

The event was announced through social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp from
the 26th of February to the 13th of March 2021. The event was planned and advertised as “an
exclusive and by invitation only”, in order to ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

Planning meetings

Various virtual planning meetings were held by the Management Committee with Schools
leadership and VIN Advisory Committee. The planning meetings covered the following topics:

  • Virtual event;
  • • Successful event while complying with COVID-19 regulations; and
  • • 2020 matric results and interpretation of results.

Based on COVID-19 regulations, it was decided to host a half day combined Career Day and Award
Ceremony and not host a Gala Dinner as previously done. The summary of the event is provided

Career Day and Awards Ceremony

The Career Day and Awards Ceremony was held at Scotch Maboko Secondary School, Mulati
Village. The school learners were transported from their respective schools to the host school,
thanks to the support received from School leadership and VIN’s sponsors. Grade 12 learners,
about 170 in total, from the Professor Muhlava Shiluvana, Scotch Maboko, Cata Senior and Sedan Secondary Schools were in attendance. Other attendees included Traditional Leaders, Service Providers, VIN Management and Advisory Committee, Guest Speakers, Sponsors, Partner Organisations and COVID-9 regulations were adhered to.

The event was held in an 800-seater
capacity tent to ensure that there is enough
ventilation and was limited to half a day in
line with COVID-19 regulations. The tent and
chairs were provided for by a local supplier
Mabokobus Trading & Projects.

Opening and Welcome

Leaners were served breakfast by Emeldah’s Kitchen, a local supplier prior to the opening of the event.

The Master of Ceremony, Ms. Nomthandazo Molokoane, the Principal of Cata Senior Secondary School, welcomed everyone and gave the order of proceedings. Meanwhile, Pastor S. Mukwevho blessed the ceremony under the topic “Cursed is the strong one who depends on mere humans and blessed are those who trust in God”. In his prayer, he asked learners and attendees to join and declare success for the academic year 2021.

The Principal of Scotch Maboko Secondary School, Mr. C.M. Mushwana, welcomed guests to the school. He further thanked VIN on behalf of all the schools for the continuous support over the years .

Mr. L.H Rikhotso introduced the guests, i.e. Sponsors, Advisory Committee Members, Stakeholders, etc. 

Some of the sponsors present included VIN Gold Sponsors, i.e. De Beers’ Ambassadors for Good represented by Mr. Twarisani Rikhotso, Mr. Lucas Lemotlo and Ms. Tsakani Maluleke and Ritluka Resources (Pty) Ltd, represented by Mr Langu Ngobeni 

Introduction of Guest 

Other sponsors present included; Nsovo Environmental Consulting, represented by Ms Munyadziwa Rikhotso; Dido Communications and Mazuwo Wireless, represented by Mr. Gumani Makhado, Mr. Awelani Mavhaga and Mr. Hulisani Netshaulu. Mr Loyd Rikhotso added that gadgets that are presented to awardees yearly are donated by Dido Communications. VIN partner organisations, i.e. #Be_Proud and 

Bonn Academy were represented by Ms. Ntsakisi Maluleke and Mr. Sydney Shikwambana, respectively. 

Mr. Loyd Rikhotso also presented the structures of VIN, comprising the Management Committee and the Advisory Committees. The Management Committee manages the day to day running of the organisation while the Advisory committee provides oversight and strategic direction of the Organisation in order to ensure sustainability. The Management Committee consists of Chairperson (Mr. Twarisani Rikhotso), Deputy Chairperson (Mr. Loyd Rikhotso), Secretary General (Ms. Yandeya Mashau), Deputy Secretary (Mr. Nkateko Maholobela), Treasury (Mr. Rivalani Mushwana), Mentorship Coordinator (Mr. Matimba Maholobela), Events Coordinator (Mr. Differance Nkhwashu), Public Relations Officer (Ms. Ntsakisi Maluleke) and Stakeholder Relations (Mr. Vutivi Mabasa). The Advisory Committee whose structure is yet to be finalised consists of Mr. Jacques Rikhotso, Mr. TR Shikwambana, Dr. Rebecca Seteno, Mr. James Shikwambana, Mr. Clement Rikhotso, Ms. Xichavo Ndlovhu and Mr. Edwin Msindo. A majority of Management Committee and Advisory Committee members did not attend the event due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Other guests present included the Pastor Mukwevho, the local village headman, Ndhuna Mbokota (Mr. Nico Nkhwashu), representing the headman of all five villages and the Nkuna Royal Council. 

Address by VIN Chairperson 

Mr. Twarisani Rikhotso gave an address regarding the purpose of the day as well as the overview of 2020 academic year and matric results. 

In his address, he thanked the sponsors of the event and commended the good work done by the founding members of the Organisation. The organisation’s history is illustrated in Figure 1.1 below. 

Figure 1.1. Evolution of VIN, the founder Mr Jacques Mavhavaza Rikhotso

He also stated that VIN focuses on mentorship and coaching by individuals who comes from the five villages. He added the background of VIN by providing other projects offered by the Organisation, including Winter School, Saturday School, Teacher Support Programme, improving performance by both learners and teachers, facilitating leadership training for school’s management and raising funds in order to ensure achievement of the Organisation’s objectives and targets. 

Rikhotso congratulated the Matric Class of 2020 for having been able to complete the studies during an extraordinary year, which has been very difficult from health, time and psychological points of view. He commended them for their willpower and courage and stated that both VIN and the community are very proud of the learners and teachers. He briefly talked to the Mafarana Circuit results where there was a drop in Bachelors, Diplomas and Certificates in 2020 as compared to 2019. For bachelors’ and diplomas, there was a fluctuation from 2017 to 2020. The quality of results for VIN project area has slightly improved in 2020, with Professor Shiluvana Senior Secondary School producing better quality results, while Cata Senior Secondary had the highest percentage pass rate, notwithstanding 113 learners who did not made it. 

In his closing remarks, he indicated that the Organisation, Community Leaders, School Leaders and parents have to ask themselves some very difficult questions, i.e: 

  • What happens to the 113 learners who didn’t make it? 
  • Out of those learners, how many of them have we assessed as we would the success of the ‘fish in its ability to fly”. What are the possibilities of partnering with local/national TVET Colleges to have some of the learners who may do well on skill-based learning exit early (Grade 10). 
  • This need to take into consideration the high unemployment rate in the country of 32.5% (Stats. SA, 2021). 

He added that the local and national unemployment rate may point out to the need for skill-based learning and entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership hence this year’s theme. 

He concluded his address by encouraging the class of 2020 that are going to institutions of higher learning to continue working hard as well as encouraging the class of 2021 to use the help that is provided to them by VIN, teachers and other support to excel in their academics. 

Introduction of the 1st Guest Speaker 

Ms. Ndzalama Shikwambana introduced the 1st guest speaker of the day, Mrs Munyadziwa Rikhotso. An award-winning successful business woman, a mother and a wife, Mrs Rikhotso holds a BSc Honours, majoring in Environmental Management from University of Johannesburg. She also holds a Project Management, Leadership and People Management certificates from UNISA and GIBS respectively. 

Mrs Rikhotso is a qualified Environmental Scientist and Environmental Assessment Practitioner registered with both SCNASP and EAPSA with over 16 years of experience. Her primary area of expertise is multifaceted projects with vast experience in the energy, mining, infrastructure developments as well as training and social projects. She manages projects of varying scale and complexity and has always led her team to consistently deliver beyond client’s expectations. 

She founded her own company following her four-year engagement with some of the leading role players in the field of Environmental Management. She is a founder and Executive Director of Nsovo Environmental Consulting a company that offers environmental services to clients throughout the country to ensure environmental sustainability and compliance with legal requirements. Nsovo provides tailor made innovative solutions to environmental challenges faced by clients anywhere, anytime, with the aim of exceeding expectation and maximising value of investment made. 

Address by the 1st Guest Speaker, Ms Munyadziwa Rikhotso 

Ms Munyadziwa Rikhotso begun her address by informing the learners that she sees future successful business women and men and cooperate leaders in the class of 2020. She encouraged learners to be hopeful in whatever they do. She reflected on her matric performance and how she ended up in the field of environmental sciences. She mentioned that she was an average student, with a G in Mathematics but with hunger and determination for success, she worked very hard to achieve her goals. 

When she went to Wits, she did not qualify for her first choice and had to settle for what was available. She knew her strength and capitalised on it. With average matric result, there was no way she could have been either a Medical Doctor nor Actuarial Scientist and considered environmental science studies as she had obtained a B in Geography and that paved a way for her success. Her advantage has been self-awareness in terms of strength and what she was capable of. Mrs Rikhotso told learners that those zeros, failures and hardships, can be turned into propellers that will enable them to do better. 

Mrs Rikhotso spoke under the topic “becoming a category of one”, notwithstanding the given topic of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. According to Mrs Rikhotso, becoming a category of one speaks to standing out, being remarkable, excellence, and integrity. She encouraged learners to work towards being remarkable in whatever field of they choose. She then provided few powers that learners need to evoke in order to be the best they can be, namely: 

  • A need to believe in order to become, that is to say you need whatever it is that need to be done to make your thoughts and dreams becomes a reality; 
  • Need to take action to be a category of one; 
  • Meaningful conversation with oneself about such dreams; 
  • Indicate to oneself that one is capable and can do it; 
  • Hard work with the need to focus all energy towards becoming; and 
  • Have a story and a brand as an individual 

Mrs Rikhotso added that she understands that the learners are faced with a lot of decisions to make which relates to what, how, when and why. She then indicated that while the learners are seeking a lot of answers, they need to realise that what is important is knowing themselves. They need to focus on themselves, their story and understanding who they are. She indicated that the culture, principles and who they are will guide them to becoming a category of one. Mrs Rikhotso indicated to the learners that with all the adversities, they need to understand the power of self-worth as a person, as a child of God and as a community member and they need to know what they are about as an individual. She reminded the learners to focus on what is important and not play the blame game. 

Mrs Rikhotso concluded her address by guiding learners with regards to the power of knowledge. She reminded learners that information is not power, but what is done with information is power. She encouraged learners to use that information to empower themselves. She demonstrated the application of information using her personal experience of working for the four big environmental consulting in order to get information that will enable her to start her own business and compete with them. She narrated the challenges faced when starting her own business that almost pushed her to go back, but her believe in what she wanted drove her to succeed. The important of learning, making mistakes, being prepared and being able to make an informed decisive decision were highlighted as important aspects of becoming category of one. 

The VIN Chairperson thanked Mrs Rikhotso for addressing and motivating the learners and presented her with a small token of appreciation in the form of a book. 


The awards were presented by Mr TR Shikwambana who started by acknowledging the attendees and reflected on the prayer by Pastor S. Mukwevho and the words of the Guest speaker Mrs Rikhotso. He started by awarding teachers, followed by learners who obtained distinctions and the top three learners see Table 1.1. 

Mr. Gumani Makhado interrupted the awards to introduce a new award. A “Must be won award” awarded to a teacher(s) who produced an average pass rate of 75% in any subject except for Home language and Life Orientation. 

For home language and Life Orientation the teacher(s) must obtain an average pass rate of 85%. 

The star of the day, and the best performing learner for matric class of 2020, was Mr. Maake Katlego Tylon, who received laptop courtesy of our Sponsor, Dido Communications, an IT firm Head Quartered in Edenvale, cash price to the value of R 3000, a trophy and certificate of achievement courtesy from VIN. Mr Maake followed on his brother’s footsteps Mr. Tebogo Maake who was the star of 2018 Award Ceremony. 

The second and third place went to Miss Gillian Nhluvuko and Ms Vutivi Mashele respectively. They both received iPads courtesy of our Sponsor Dido Communications, Trophies and certificates of achievements. In addition, the second awardee received R 2500 while third place received R1500 courtesy of VIN. All top three learners are from Professor Shiluvana Secondary School. Teachers who achieved 100% pass rate and the top performing school also received awards. Summary of awards are presented in the table below. 

Table 1.1 Summary of awards presented

Learner name Gift Cash Price 
Mr. Katlego Tylo Maake Laptop, Trophy and Certificate of achievement R3 000 
Miss. Gillian Nhluvuko Mongwe iPad, Trophy and Certificate of achievement R2 500 
Miss. Vutivi Mashele iPad, Trophy and Certificate of achievement R1 500 
Learner name Subject Gift Cash Price 
Mr. Damon Mugwana Mnisi Maths literacy – 81% Certificate of achievement R1 500 
Mr. Damon Mugwana Mnisi Tourism – 94% Certificate of achievement R1 500 
Ms. Vutivi Mashele Tourism -87% Certificate of achievement R1 500 
Teacher Name SubjectGiftGift Prize
TJ Sabela Xitsonga – 89% Certificate of achievement R500 
VG Shikwambana Xitsonga – 93% Certificate of achievement R500 
NM Mkhombo Xitsonga – 97% Certificate of achievement R500 
NN Mboweni Xitsonga – 100% Certificate of achievement R500 
N Malungana English – 75% Certificate of achievement R500 
PN Sithole English -88% Certificate of achievement R500 
Learner name Subject Gift 
N.M. Mkhombo Xitsonga Home Language Certificate of achievement 
N.N. Mboweni Xitsonga Home Language Certificate of achievement 
V.G. Shikwambana Xitsonga Home Language Certificate of achievement 
T.J. Sabela Xitsonga Home Language Certificate of achievement 
D. Ndzhukula English First Additional teacher Certificate of achievement 
N. Malungana English First Additional teacher Certificate of achievement 
P.N. Sithole English First Additional teacher Certificate of achievement 
O.N. Nhlangwini Economics Certificate of achievement 
S.M. Mushwana Geography Certificate of achievement 
M.R. Mashele History Certificate of achievement 
G.T. Nkhwashu Maths Literacy Certificate of achievement 
L.V. Nghwana Tourism Certificate of achievement 
T.S. Mnisi Tourism Certificate of achievement 
Name of School Percentage pass rate Gift 
Cata Senior Secondary Overall 83% Trophy & Miniature and Certificate 

Introduction of the 2nd Guest Speaker 

The second guest speaker, Mr. Masale Mangena, was introduced by Mr. Levon Shikwambana. Mr Masale Mangena is the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa Limpopo Chairperson who has proven leadership experience working in the auditing industry and having founded and managed the Youth Excellence Support NPO. Mr Mangena Holds Bachelor of Accountancy from University of Limpopo and further holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Science commonly known as CTA from University of South Africa. 

Address by the 2nd guest speaker, Mr Masale Mangena 

Mr. Masale Mangena started his address by acknowledging attendees and linking his address to that of the first guest speaker Mrs Munyadziwa Rikhotso. He then defined leadership in terms of ability to influence and linked attendees and learners to leadership. Mr Mangena indicated that the learners need to think beyond secondary school and realise that they will fall in two categories being employer or employee. He added that that in the process of being either of the two, there’s leadership involved 

Mr Masale Mangena 

Mr Mangena highlighted the important qualities of being a leader that apply to all of us, which include: communication skills, the ability to inspire and motivate, analytical, decision-making skills, proactive thinking, adaptive, ability to move with times, being able to organise, confidence, conflict resolution skills, being able to delegate, capable, open minded, be up to date, thinking beyond your radius, listening skills, 

being honest with oneself with regards to capabilities, negotiation skills, respect, positive, independent, being able to do trade-offs and commitment. 

Mr Mangena demonstrated courage by calling one learner on stage, without explaining what the learner needs to do. The learner was given R 50 just for being courageous to come on stage without knowing what she was expected to do. By this, he indicated that learners need not miss opportunities by not being courageous enough to take up opportunities as they present themselves. Mr. Mangena also highlighted the Economics’ most taught topic ‘Opportunity Cost’. He spoke into the norm that whatever decision you make in life, you forfeit an opportunity to do something else. He told learners to be cautious on the decisions they make and whatever choices they make must be the best alternative choice. 

Ms Khosa presenting a small token of appreciation to Mr Mangena.

Mr Mangena was thanked by young Ms Gracious Khosa. Ms Khosa presented the book “Titled 12 rules” of life by Antidote to Chaos. Ms Khosa then thanked the sponsors for the event. 

Ms Khosa is a true definition of Isaiah 60:22, in that she went over and above what she had been requested to do. She inspired learners to look beyond their background and to appreciate the support that they are receiving from VIN, partners and sponsors. 

She further added that books are the most valuable assets. In order for learners to make it in life they need to focus on their studies. Learners were encouraged to work hard as this would open doors for them, i.e. bursaries and access to Institutions of higher learning. Ms Khosa concluded her address by indicating that she hopes that learners are as inspired as she was. 

VIN Unmatched Dedication and Lifetime Awards 

Mr Levon Shikwambana being honoured by Mr Rivalani Mushwana.

The VIN Unmatched Dedication Award was presented to Mr. Levon Shikwambana by Mr. Rivalani Mushwana. Mr Shikwambana was honoured for having volunteered as a teacher at Cata Secondary School for 3 years as part of Save Cata campaign. The school had only three permanent teachers at that time and thus were under resourced. 

Mr Mushwana also honoured Dr. Freddy Rikhotso with a Lifetime Achievement Award for conducting intensive Xitsonga research, promoting Xitsonga by writing 18 books, some of which were prescribed for Basic Education and through his work as a news reader for Munghana Lonene FM. Dr. Rikhotso has also put the VIN Project area (Mafarana, Bonn, Sedan & Mulati Villages) on the map and thus provide with the motivation that it can be done irrespective of where you come from. 

Dr Rikhotso expressed his sincere gratitude to VIN for the lifetime award. Dr. Rikhotso added that the award will give him peace even in his afterlife. This is because of the 

DR Freddy Rikhotso.

saying that “A prophet is not usually not recognized by his own people” and it is not the case with him as he was honoured by his own people just under 5 km from his birth home and his own house. 

Remarks by the circlet Manager 

Mr Thobela thanked VIN for work that they are doing and indicated that the circuit will always partner with and support the Organisation to improve quality of village education. Mr Thobela further indicated that he was impressed by Ms Gracious Khosa’s public speaking and ability to inspire that he decided to refer to her as his ambassador and that he will introduce her to the District Director and take her to inspire other schools in Mafarana Circuit. 

Mr Levon Shikwambana being honoured by Mr Rivalani Mushwana.

Mr Thobela also indicated that we will be in contact with Mr Mangena for him to present leadership to principals at the strategic planning session. He acknowledged the schools and indicated that the circuit will support them to produce quality results. He added that learners need to take the advices they received and attend school in order to make it and make the community proud. 

Remarks by the Royal House: Vukosi bya ka Nkuna 

The Nkuna Royal House was represented by Ndhuna Mbokota (Mr Nico Nkhwashu), the Headman of Mulati Village. On behalf of the Nkuna Royal Council, Mr. Nkhwashu thanked VIN for the event and the work done to improve village education. He alluded to the importance of education in reference to a biblical verse. Mr Nkhwashu indicated that the Nkuna Royal House is committed to support and take active part on the activities of the Organisation. He concluded his address by encouraging learners to take part in VIN’s activities as they progress in their future endeavours. 

The headman Mr Nico Nkhwashu

Presentation on Study/Career Opportunities 

The presentation for career opportunities was moderated by Ms Ntsakisi Maluleke. Some of the topics were: Women in Mining, by Ms Tsakani Maluleke from De Beers Venetia Mine; Building a Black-owned Mining Company, by Mr. Langu Ngobeni from Ritluka Resources; Information Technology by Mr Gumani Makhado; Manufacturing Career by Mr. Ndivhuwo and Ms Malwandla Mbhalati from Bridgestone. The presentation of Career Opportunities was concluded by Letaba TVET Collage facilitated by Ms. Lorencia Williams. The important of skill-based education on the upliftment of the community was highlighted. The virtual presentation on mining and related industries career opportunities by Mr. Clemet Rikhotso could not take place due to connectivity, however the presentation was made available via mentorship WhatsApp group. 

The event presentations were concluded with “the world is your oyster” by the founder of VIN and the Advisory Committee Member Mr. Jacques Mavhavaza Rikhotso. With the aim of highlighting the need to use the advices given to prepare for a successful and enjoyable life ahead. 

Announcements were then made by Mr Differance Nkhwashu Prior to the event being closed by Pastor Mukwevho. Lunch was also served after the event. 

Financial breakdown on the event 

The financial break down of the event is available on request. 

For more information 

Please do contact our Public Relations Coordinator whose details can be found on the first page. 


To all our various stakeholders, organising and implementation teams, the learners and VIN donors, the event was not the end of our relationship, but the beginning of another phase in our continuous relationship founded on improving the quality of learning of our learners and help uplift each other as a community. Thank you for your contributions thus far. 

Kind regards, 

Twarisani Theophillus Rikhotso, VIN Chairperson 

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