Sponsors and Partners


Vutivi I Ndzhaka’s aim is to be a partner of choice in village education and it is for this reason that the Organisation works with various organisation to achieve its mission and vision. The Organisation is in partnership with #Be_Proud who’s main focus is girl child within the VIN Project area. VIN provide funding to #Be_Proud for the girl child projects.


The Organisations owe its success and sustainability to contribution by members, friends and family of members, communities within the VIN project areas and various sponsorships: small, medium to large Organisations. 

Currently, the sponsors are divided into two categories i.e. Gold Sponsors and Valued Sponsors. Gold sponsors are those that contributes above R 70 000 in any given financial year and Valued Sponsors are those that contributes below R 69 999 and or providing goods and services to those stated values. Our Gold Sponsors are Anglo-American/De Beers Ambassadors for Good ProjectRitluka (Pty) Ltd and Nsovo Environmental Consulting .

The Organisation’s Valued Sponsors includes Dido Digital Communications, North Arrow Consulting and Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd (Nacas), Humana Investment Trust,  Sytomat and Granor Passi

The Organisation is very grateful for the continual support received from the above stated organisations and individuals.