Historical Context

The Organisation has since 2011 (unregistered) provided career guidance through the Founder Mr. Jacques Mavhavaza Rikhotso (JMR) at Cata Secondary School. Mr Rikhotso was then joined by fellow village men and women in 2012 to 2015 to provide guidance on various career paths in the same school. It was in 2015 that the Organisation was formally registered (Annexure III) and three additional schools added to the programme. The Organisation was then formalised, and measures put in place to ensure that it is complaint to the country’s legislative framework.

The first formal Management Committee was elected in 2015 which consisted of the Chairperson: JMR, Deputy Chairperson: Xichavo Alecia Ndlovu (XAN), Secretary General: Mr Sydney Shikwambana (SS), Deputy Secretary: Ms Yandeya Y. Mashau (YYM) and Treasure General: Mr Edwin Rhulani Msindo (ERM). The management committee was assisted by two Advisors being Mr Robert Shikwambana (RS) and Mr Clement Talani Rikhotso (TCR). Other members such as Mr. Attwell Rivalani Mushwana (ARM), Mr. Loyd Hlayisani Rikhotso (LHR), Ms Mandy Machimana (MM), Mr Twarisani Theophillus Rikhotso (TTR) were considered to be part of the leadership of the Organisation. This management structure led the Organisation for four years and is credited for establishing a strong stakeholder and sponsorship base, hosting three formal career day and award ceremony and last, but not least, leaving the organisation in a strong financial position. 

The Organisation is led currently by two structures, namely, the Management Committee (see below) and Advisory committee (see below), both were elected in 2020. The Management Committee manages the day to day running of the Organisation. While the Advisory Committee provides the strategic direction in order to ensure sustainability of the Organisation and also provide oversight.

Management Commitee

Mr. Tswarisani Theophillus Rikhotso


(BSc Hon. Enviro. Mngt)

Mr. Loyd Hlayisani Rikhotso

Deputy Chairperson

(Cornerstone Banking certificate and BBA)

Mandy Machimana

Secretary General

(IT, Dip (communication networks), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

Mr. Rivalani Mushwana

Treasure General

(BTech. Safety Management and BTech. Quality)

Mr. Matimba Maholovela


(Bsc Computer Science and Statistics Student.)

Mr. Nkateko Maholobela

Deputy Secretory

(NDip. Marine Science Student)

Mr. Vutivi Mabasa

Stakeholder Relations Coordinator

(Bsc. Hon. Data Analytics)

Ms. Ntsakisi Maluleke

Public Relations Coordinator

(Bcom. Business Mgnt. Student)

Mr. Difference Nkhwashu

Event Coordinator

(Bsc Agric. Soil Science)

Ad​visory Com​mitee

Mr. Jacques Rikhotso

(MBA Mgmt. Sci & BSc Chem. Eng)

Dr. Rebecca Seteno

(PhD Buisiness Management)

Ms. Xichavo Alecia Ndlovu

(PhD Candidate Philosophy International Relations)

Mr. Clement Talani Rikhotso

(Cert. PMD, BSc Hon. Geology)

Mr. Edwin Rhulani Msindo

(Master of Business Leadership)

Mr. James Shikwambana

(Postgraduate Dip. in Management, Organisal Leadership)

Mr Robert Shikwambana

(Bachelor Degree in Education)

Head Mentors

Ms. Alena Mabunda

Scotch Head Mentor

(BCom .Accounting Student)

Mr Julian Rikhotso

Scotch Head Mentor

(B. OPtometry Student)

Mr Levon Shikwambana

Cata Head Mentor

(Bsc Enviro. & Resource)

Mr Dellen Shai

Cata Head Mentor

(BSc in Math Science)

Ms Tinswalo Mapfumari

Professor Head Mentor

(NQV Electrical Engineering)

Mr Jacob Mqiti

Professor Head Mentor

(BSc. Nutrition)

Ms Pretty Shipalana

Sedan Head Mentor

(BSc Biochemistry)

Ms Emelda Shikwambana

Sedan Head Mentor

(BSc. Geology & Env Science)


Stalin Khosa

(NDip in Veterinary Technology Student)

Thernson Mighty Nghamuni

(Tshwane South TVET Student)

Nhlanhla Arnold Mashimbye

(BSc Sport and Exercise Science Student)

Blessing Thembani Nkhwashu

(Honours B. Development Studies Planning and Management)

Ndzalama Shikwambana

(BSc Hons. Botany; BSc Biochemistry and Botany; Advanced Certificate in Projected Management (APM) & PGCE)

Tintswalo Pensive Mapfumari

(Electrical Engineering Student)

Xikombiso Mthembi

(BED Senior Phase and FET)

Talent Mathebula

(Bachelor of Education Senior Phase and FET Student)

Wayne Rikhotso

(BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science Student)

Kirsty Mashele

(Honours B. Development Studies Planning and Management)

Angel Shikwambana

(Graduate of Media and Marketing pursued at Boston Media House)

IK Shingange

(Environmental health student)

Nhlonipho Shikwambana

(NDip Cost and management accounting)

Angel Maximbye

(19 years old. A Model at Vogue Catwalk SA in possession of the following titles:)

Sydney Shikwambana

(PhD candidate, MSc, BSc (Agric.) & Pr. Nat. Sc.)

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